Monday, 18 February 2013

CA SiteMinder 6.0 Basic/Advanced Training

CA SiteMinder 6.0 Basic/Advanced Training

21st Century SiteMinder Training Synopsis:
Through a combination of presentations and hands-on lab work, the students will go through a complete SiteMinder implementation project, including installation, configuration, deploying agents, protecting applications, maintaining, and troubleshooting.
Target Audience for Online CA SiteMinder Courses:
This course is designed for Deployment Consultants, Architects and Administrators, who
will be building, deploying and/or maintaining a SiteMinder infrastructure.

Basic Topics Covered in Our Best CA SiteMinder Online Training:
• Conceptual Overview
• Installation
• System Objects
• Domain Objects
• Responses
• Global Policies
• Authentication Services
• Password Services
• Maintenance

Advanced Topics Covered in Our Best CA SiteMinder Training:
• ISAPI, DSAPI and HTTP Plugin Overview
• Apache/IIS/SuOne/Domino Webserver Configuration
• Request Flow
• Advanced Authentication Schemes Setup e.g. Secure ID, Radius
• SiteMinder ACO Parameters Cognizance
• Advanced Troubleshooting Methods
• XSS :Overview on Vulnerable Scenarios
• Overview on SiteMinder Agent Internal Code Flow
• Overview on LDAP ( Lightweight Directory Access Protocol ) and Database

Free CA SiteMinder Online Demos ( CA SiteMinder Training - 6.0 Basic/Advanced ):
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